The Best Way to Find Jobs in 2021

Finding the perfect job is not rocket science, though. It requires two things: 1. You to know what you are looking for and 2. Where to find it. Once you find it, and after reading this, you will land the job because you have the tools and skills necessary to persuade the person in charge of hiring that you have the tools and skills necessary for the job.

Before beginning a job search, ask yourself: What exactly do I want in my next job, and what do I not want?

Think about this and write it down until you are clear on, and familiar with, every detail. I mean, you wouldn’t expect to find anything without first knowing what you are looking for, would you? Certainly not.

But first, here is the good news: It is not your fault you feel the way you do or are having trouble like you are. Most likely, you weren’t taught how to find a job. Not by your parents, not by your friends, and you didn’t learn it in school. But the good thing is that you are doing the research and self-education needed to become successful.

In this article I am going to walk you through the best ways to find jobs today. Knowing these techniques will save you time and help you avoid submitting tons of applications and never hearing back. We will look at the three best ways to search for jobs and why each method could benefit, or not benefit, you.

Let’s get started.

First and foremost, technically, for any of this information to work for each individual who reads it, they must first have their resume updated and it must stand out. It needs be on point so that you are able to get the attention of the potential viewer. There are plenty of videos on YouTube and info on Google to check out for this, but if you want my help specifically, reach out and I will send you what I have.

You also need to know the right things to ask potential hiring managers. Of course, this will vary person to person, but the main things are what kind of work environment they have, what type of advancement opportunities are available, do they offer benefits, salary and commission, one or the other, what does the top guy make, biggest complaints they receive, what would it take to be the absolute best, what struggles do most people have with this position, required hours to be successful, how much freedom is given, what type of leadership is there, how do they train their people, what is the next step, and the list goes on.

Ok, now for the top three strategies…

Method #1: Take Massive Action

This method works by ramping up the number of applications you send out. However, to avoid getting a bunch of no responses from employers, you need to apply to position you have the qualifications for and/or your resume says you have the qualifications for.

I have found this most useful when seeking for a job and want it in a hurry. Take action, put aside an hour or so each day, and send in a massive amount of applications to positions and companies that you want to work for. This is one of the best ways to find jobs in today’s day and age without having connections or a network of people to help you.

It is also extremely time efficient and easy to do. Plus, if you don’t have time, you can outsource it to someone else to do for you.

Go online and use job search engines such as, LinkedIn, Glass Door, ZipRecruiter etc., just to name a few.

Type in the description or what job title you are looking for and whatever geographic location you desire. You can literally submit hundreds to thousands of resumes this way.

The problem is, since the main goal of this approach is to get your resume in front of a lot of companies, so that you can start having conversations fast, most people end up applying to positions for no real reason. So, to increase your chances, limit this. Have a target job, position, or company and stick to those.

The idea is to use these platforms to search for jobs by keywords, location, salary, etc., and then apply to them via the web page. This saves a ton of time because you only have to set up your cover letter, resume, and login/password once to apply for hundreds of different jobs. It will also autofill your personal details like name and address.

Find jobs that sound interesting, attach your resume, and click “apply.” This allows for a high volume of applications and reduces the turnaround time to get interviews scheduled quickly.

Method #2 Use Your Powerbase and Social Network

Powerbase: A source, or sources, of influence and support.

This would include your friends, family, and anyone you know or know someone who knows someone. Everyone has a network of people and everyone has a powerbase, so use them! Make sure to tell everyone and let them know you are job hunting. Describe what you are looking for.

Nobody can help you if you don’t tell them your problem.

Have you heard the saying, “Your net worth is your network?” Sometimes all you have to do is ask. It only takes asking one right person. Think of anyone you know in your existing network who works at a company you might want to work as well. Contact the person and see if the company is hiring or what insight they may can give you. Let them know why you think the company would be a good fit for you and see if they agree.

You might also use technology to assist you by taking advantage of sites like LinkedIn to search people who are currently in the job position you would like to be in. Reach out to them and pick their brain. You might even be able to get them to help you get hired! Anytime you can get introduced directly to a company or hiring manager, your odds of getting hired skyrocket.

So, with this method, try and get introduced to a company if you can. This is far more effective than applying online or any other cold approach. Networking will always be one of the best ways to find a job and you should use it.

Method #3 The Wide World of Google

This method also saves time by not having to talk through individual people and by using the internet to streamline the information you can consume. Research down to specifics, man. Find the highest paying jobs in whatever industry you want, search reviews on past employees, look on Google Maps to see where and what the place of work looks like. This list is endless of information you can find online of potential employers.

This process allows you to breakdown exactly what you want and allows you to be very selective. You should spend a good portion of your time finding companies that fit what you want to be doing in your career, and apply directly via email, their ”Careers” page. If emailing, you might consider attaching a 60 second video of you describing your background, why it is a good fit, and what you can do for them. Just another way to streamline the process.

You could find their number online and cold call over the phone to get in touch with the hiring manager to let them know you are interested. Or, you could take it one step further and show up in person and hand deliver your resume/ask for an interview. This would demonstrate your high commitment level and willingness to do whatever it takes.

This would all include applying both to companies that are hiring and also to companies that are not hiring.

For instance, you might go to Google and search “top startups in Los Angeles, CA”, or something similar that relates to you, and then go through the search engine until you have found ten or so jobs/companies that pique your interest. Even when companies are not specifically looking to hire, when the right person and opportunity presents itself (you showing up), they will hire. At least companies and people looking to expand will.

There you have it, the top three strategies to find and get jobs in 2020. I hope this information was found useful to you, and if it was, please let me know in the comments. Leave some feedback on your thoughts and opinions!

Good luck in your job search moving forward!

Take massive action, go for it all, and never settle!



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